The Jammu and Kashmir Right to Information Act, 2009

  1. The Jammu and Kashmir Right to Information Act, 2009
    1. An Act to provide for setting out the regime of right to information for the people of the State to secure access to information under the control of public authorities in order to promote transparency and accountability in the working of every public authority, the constitution of a State Information Commission and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto. read more..

    2. J&K Right To Information Act, 2009

  2. J&K Right To Information Rules, 2012

  3. Guidelines for PIOs regarding providing of information

  4. Circulars

  5. J&K Right To Information Forms

  6. Annual returns under J&K Right To Information

  7. J&K Right To Information Handbook

  8. J&K Reservation Act, 2004

  9. J&K Reservation Rules, 2005

  10. J&K BOPEE Act, 2002

  11. J&K BOPEE Rules, 2014

  12. J&K BOPEE Regulations, 2016

  13. BOPEE Organisational Chart

  14. BOPEE Information Officers & Appellate Authority

  15. Guidelines for Conduct of Entrance Examination including remuneration to the Supervisory Staff

  16. Annual Budget Allocation 2014-15
  17. Directory of Employess in BOPEE

  18. Phone Directory

  19. Pay Scale of Employess in BOPEE

  20. BOPEE Notifications, Notices, Tenders, Corrigendum, Press Releases etc.
  21. Meetings
  22. Information Brochures
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