Guidelines for Scanning documents to PDF files for uploading

  1. All files uploaded to the website, must be uploaded in PDF (Portable Document Format). These files can be created by using Adobe Acrobat or other PDF creation software or by scanning printed documents. Creation of the documents using word processing software and PDF file creation software such as Adobe Acrobat is preferred to scanning.
  2. If the user attempts to upload a file that is not the correct format, the system will reject the file and will not allow the completion of the transaction. If the user attempts to upload a file that is too large, the system will “time out” and not allow the completion of the transaction. Several guidelines should be considered when scanning a printed document to create a .PDF file.

Each scanner is different and the instruction manual for the scanner should be consulted for specific instructions regarding settings.

    In general, the following guidelines apply:
  1. The scanner should be set to scan at 150 dpi (dots per inch),
  2. The scanner should be set to a page size of 8 ½” x 11”,
  3. The scanner should be set to create a .pdf output file,
  4. The document should be scanned as a letter format (not a picture or image),
  5. The document should be set to scan in black and white (documents scanned with the scanner set to allow for color or grayscale will produce a document that is too large),
  6. The maximum file size for an individual PDF files is 200KB and the file size should be checked prior to uploading.
  7. In order to verify the size of the file prior to uploading, locate the file on the computer. Right-click on the file and select properties. In the General Tab, the file size will be displayed and should be smaller than 200 KB. If the file is larger than 200 KB, verify that the scanner is set to 150 dpi and the type is set to a black and white image. If the settings are correct and the document is simply a very large document (or has graphics causing the file to be larger), the document must be split into multiple documents with each additional file uploaded as an attachment to the original.

PDF documents can be compressed online using following links:

  1. Link 1
  2. Link 2
  3. Link 3