Government Colleges

Discipline College capacity omCapacity catCapacity sc stgb stl stk sto osc rba alc cdp sp jkpm tfw

Private Colleges

Discipline College capacity omCapacity tfw

Catgeory Codes

Code Category
OM Open Merit (OM)
SC Scheduled Castes (SC)
STGB Scheduled Tribe, Gujjar and Bakerwal (STGB)
STL Scheduled Tribe, Leh District (STL)
STK Scheduled Tribe, Kargil District (STK)
STO Other Scheduled Tribe (STO)
OSC Weak and Under Privileged Classes/Social Castes (OSC)
RBA Residents of Backward Area (RBA)
ALC Residents of Area Adjoining Actual Line of Control (ALC)
CDP Children of Defense Personnel -State Subjects Only (CDP)
SP Candidates possessing outstanding proficiency in Sports (SP)
JKPM Children of State Police Personnel and Paramilitary Forces (JKPM)
TFW Tution Fee-Waiver Scheme (TFW)